Our Point

To provide life-changing experiences by use of adaptive techniques to overcome physical disabilities

We at The Point accomplish the above by providing adaptive professional level training in a wide variety of sports and activities while hosting our clients in an all inclusive stay at our private hotel. Everyone needs a purpose and a point to live, to get out of bed in the morning. We are here to provide the opportunity for people who have had their life purpose altered due to injury or illness to explore new potentials for living - to find the point in their new way of life

In the physical therapy world, there is little to no follow-on curriculum or program that teaches people how to not just survive a life-changing accident or event but how to thrive after the fact. We are to here to train people with disabilities how to thrive in new and exciting ways. 

We are working with Physical Therapy clinics around the country as a follow-on program for individuals who have conquered the adaptations needed to survive a traumatic event. The Point was created to help those who feel their old life was taken how to learn to thrive in their new life.

Our goal and vision is to be able to provide fully funded training and a means to continue growth upon returning home after the program. We are aiming to connect each client with a supplier that will be able to provide the necessary equipment to continue living the passion at home. If you are able to help us meet this goal in any way, please visit the "how to help" page

How You Can help

There are many ways to help find the point that will change and reshape many lives including your own. Click to find out how.